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100 Days, 100 Grand goes to Google

This week I’ve been in New York, in my other capacity as a freelance copywriter. Working for a special client: Google!

Google reception

I’m under NDA, so can’t talk much, except to say: the office is everything you thought it was. Fun design, playgrounds and ping-pong tables, free food everywhere. But most interesting is the building. It’s the old Port Authority Building  – at the time, New York’s most expensive real estate transaction ever – and it takes up a whole city block, as you’d expect.

But more interesting than that is what the building does. As a past housing for infrastructure, it’s where a large number of transatlantic telephone cabling and optic fibre enters the USA – the building was once home to a telephone exchange. Which means, of course, Google sits atop the fastest, broadest bundle of bandwidth anywhere in the world.

Freelance framejack!

Chris Worth is an author and copywriter based in London.In tribute to the freelancer’s art, I habitually work in a T shirt, today a grey one I got as a gift from Australia. Symbolising my much-travelled life, my lower half is today clad in the trusty travel pants that have trekked over Saharan dunes and swum the Nile. As a declaration of how I live, far removed from the sheeplike commuting hordes of train and Tube, I did not shave this morning, and my hair is a little unkempt.

My personal style is a joyous celebration of the indie life: fiercely independent, proudly self-actualised, and accountable only to those I choose.

So, Mr Delivery Guy, your cheery “Sorry if I got you up” statement just now was a stab in the soul of truly monumental proportions.