Ready to start your journey to a six-figure income? Three options. (Hint: if you’re in the UK, the first option is best.)

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If you’re in the UK, the best way to buy the print book is to order direct from the author. You can order the 100 Days, 100 Grand workbook on its own – all 1,200 perfect-bound A4 pages in full colour – or the 100 Days Plus Pack, which includes both the book and additional books, wallcharts, and resources. (Read more about the Plus Pack.) Secure e-commerce, free UK shipping, and signed with a thankyou from the author.

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100 Days, 100 Grand is available from over 30,000 bookstores worldwide. If they don’t have it in stock, ask them to order ISBN 978-0-9927470-4-6 and they’ll have it ready for collection in 3-5 working days.

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Buy from Amazon

The RRP of 100 Days, 100 Grand is £119.95 for the print edition, £59.95 on Kindle. Of course if you buy from Amazon you can start with the 100 Days Editions, the same content formatted as 12 smaller (and cheaper) books! Buy from or

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