chris on the dock

The author’s best angle

Chris Worth is a marketing hobo who spent a decade with top-10 advertising agencies in the capitals of Asia and Europe. Today a freelancer, he creates campaigns, content, and collateral for clients worldwide—mostly in communications / media / technology and financial services, with automotive and aerospace gigs on the side.

Dropping out of school at 16, he somehow managed an MBA later in life at the UK’s Warwick Business School. Outside nonfiction, he pens the odd thriller as Mark Charteris and sci-fi short as Ted Bann, both more hobbies than jobbies. Interests span physics, economics, politics, literature, architecture, personal development (obvs), business strategy, and all things tech. He’s clueless about music and doesn’t follow sports.

A seasoned traveller, he’s explored over 60 countries, from solo treks in the Javan jungle to 4×4 Saharan jaunts. He’s also a keen boulderer (rock climbing without the altitude) and qualified diver (sea and sky). Staying in shape involves a punchbag, kettlebells, and old-school progressive calisthenics. (The best gym is your own body.)

His creed is Objectivism, the “rules for living” defined by moral philosopher Ayn Rand. Politically he leans libertarian, valuing a small state that protects individual rights with high social and high economic freedoms. He’s also a minimalist: after ten years living out of a backpack, the contents of his first house never got beyond bed, table, and bookshelf, while his business gear totals a laptop and phone. But he’s never without his Kindle.

What prompted this book? Like all freelancers, Chris has had good years and bad years. Some time back he started writing down what led to good years . . . and the differences that made them great. 100 Days, 100 Grand is the result: 100 short chapters with everything a freelancer needs to hit a six-figure income.

Chris lives in London with his wife Lynne, a law graduate, finance professional, and expert cook with her own series of recipe books out. Amid the literary haunts of Greenwich and Blackheath, they watch too many movies, enjoy too much food, drink too much wine, and do not enough Yoga to atone for it.

Find him at his work site, chrisdoescontent.com.