It’s a sad fact that a book of this size (ultimately I’m one guy with a laptop) will contain errors. I’d like your help to catch them. Please note the error below (please give a page number, position percentage, or paragraph identifier, like “24.2.1” for Day 24, section 2 and so on) and hit Submit. Errors will be corrected monthly and an update uploaded for Kindle that you can download free of charge from “Manage my content and devices” at your Amazon account.

PDF corrections for download

Some readers have suggested improvements in whole paragraphs or pages, as well as flagged up errors. If you bought the Kindle versions, they’re corrected on the latest updates. If you bought in print a while back, here are some PDFs you can print and replace the pages in your book with. (Page numbers are correct.) If you bought your book recently, it’s likely these corrections are already in place. Thanks!

Replacement PDF for pages 39-44

Replacement PDF for pages 75-79

Replacement PDF for page 107

Replacement PDF for pages 176-178

Replacement PDF for page 393

Replacement PDF for pages 1049-1050