Going freelance? Re-entering the workforce after a break? Or just want more from life than a commute and carriage clock?

100 Days, 100 Grand is for you.

In the book setting the independent sector abuzz, jetsetting London freelancer Chris Worth takes you on a 100-day journey to the start of wealth: earning a six-figure income from your professional skills, whatever they are.

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With precise instructions and task lists for each day, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get paid 3-6x more than others doing the same job
  • Enjoy an £8,350+/month income … three months from today
  • Create two £350,000 business assets that deliver for decades
  • Find the 1,000 companies that need you most – without cold calls
  • Launch ultra-personalised marketing campaigns in minutes
  • Win customers 10-20x faster than even pro marketers
  • Turn 1 in every 2 one-off projects into monthly retainer fees of £1,500+

It’s easier than you think.

Over 30m enterprising people earn six figures from what they do, in £, € or $. They’re not all bankers, doctors and lawyers. And they’re not luckier, smarter, or harder working than you. They just focus on finding the right market for what they do… and take the results to the bank.

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100 Days, 100 Grand finds that focus.

Structured as a 100-day work plan with actual actions to complete each day, this book will drill into you the right processes and practices to join that top 1% of earners. No web scams, no penny stocks, no cold calling: just simple tools and tasks in logical sequence, proven in the market over three decades. This book isn’t about learning a new trade or entering a new market – it’s about turning the skills you’ve got now into a top-1% freelance income.

Whether you change lives or lightbulbs for a living, if you want a six-figure income from it starting next quarter – this book is for you. See some sample chapters, join the mailing list, or order your copy today!

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