Be earning six figures as a freelancer … 100 days from now!

You’re in the top 1% of freelancers. But are you in the top 1% of earners?

Around 20% of the working population freelances. 80% are part-time; three-quarters of the rest earn below average household income. So if you earn £18,000 or more from your side hustle, you’re already in the top 1% of indie professionals.

Ever felt you’re not earning


But I bet you’d like to earn a lot, lot more than that. And if that gets your head nodding, you’ve come to the right place. A few years ago, I started writing down my tips and methods for making your freelancing truly professional – to a level where earning a six-figure income (that’s £100,000 a year and up) feels normal. Those scribblings became the book you’ve heard about: 100 Days, 100 Grand. And for the select few truly committed to boosting their income into the top tier, I’m making a very special offer. For the same price as the print book, a limited number of people buying personally from me on this page will get much, much more.

But how much do you earn from all those hours of effort?

Not enough, I’ll bet.But there’s a way to be paid equally for the value you create (for most people, that’s in the £100,000-a-year range)

That’s why I developed my methods. And why they became a book. But not just an ordinary book. A 1,200 page whopper backed by templates, wallcharts,

Not just the book – but a complete pack, with templates, posters, and other pluses including a private discussion space on social media and insider’s coaching from me personally.

A 1000:1 payoff.

Most people are too busy earning a living to make any money.

If you’re serious about freelancing – and ready to put in some work to get results – there’s a way to earn much, much more than that.

I’m Chris Worth. Writer, adventurer, all-round good guy. (I hope.) I’m one of the UK’s top freelancers, having worked with over 100 top companies including three of the world’s biggest advertising agencies. I freelance fulltime (if you call a four-day week fulltime) and it’s given me the life I aimed for when I started way back in 2001: exotic travel, extreme sports, life-affirming experiences. I’ve lived and worked in Europe and Asia, visited every State of the US, jumped out of planes a hundred times and dived the ocean deep in Florida, Mexico, and Taiwan. Back home, I slope off to the gym whenever I want, enjoy leisurely breakfasts at local cafes, and spend hours in the world’s greatest museums and libraries, learning skills and taking courses that add to my abilities.

But serious freelancing is about more than money and free time. As long as you can deal with two things (I’ll detail them below), professional freelancing is also an extremely happy and healthy way to live your life. I never get sick, enjoy strength and fitness in the top 1% of my age group, and I’m so relaxed random people frequently ask me what I’m smiling at.

But to do it my way, you need two things – and that’s what I can give you. The customers who can pay you, and the confidence that you can find more.

A few years ago, I stopped worrying about the ups and downs of freelancing, and turned them all into ups. And now, I’m I’m here to help give you both.

Purpose of paragraph: to empathise with the reader’s core problem

It’s on Amazon and in bookstores, of course, like any other book. But if you’re serious about joining that top 1% of freelancers – the ones earning over £100,000 a year – you’ll buy from me personally. Because you get a lot more than a thankyou and autograph!

Let’s look at what you get.

If you’re like most freelancers in [sector], you charge up to£XXXa day for [stuff]. But is your annualincome as high as that day rate suggests? Even with decades of experience,  68.3% of indie [engineers] take home less than £26,500/year and 95.4% less than £44,750. Just 1 in 100 make six figures. (Bet you groan when someone says you’re pricey.) So why aren’t you on £103,950—like the top 1% of your sector?

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The latest print edition PLUS a Bonus Pack

But that’s not all. Buy from me personally,

Para 2: state how much you can get, foster greed

Purpose of paragraph: to demonstrate what’s achievable by acting differently

After all, those 1% aren’t *better* than you. (You’re already recognised as an expert: [5th] on Google for [x, y, and z].) Those top earners are just using the methods in a new book showing the average freelancer how to earn much, muchmore than an average income. Howmuch more? Try 3-6 times more.Imagine an income of £8,000+ a month, everymonth.

Interest – relate your product to their market


  • Provide the solution
  • Show the benefits


100 bite-size lessons that turn the professional skills you have now…

Para 3: introduce the book

Purpose of paragraph: to introduce the book as the solution

100 Days, 100 Grandis a work plan for getting you to a six-figure annual income. A book with a strictly limited audience: people who couldearn a top-1% income, but aren’t. By following its 100 short chapters in sequence, each one day of precise instructions and tasks, a professional in [sector] can expect to sign up 3-8customers—each paying £500-2,750a month—within a hundred days.

There’s more! Build 2 x £350,000 assets for your business

Purpose of paragraph: to state what the book delivers in hard numbers


Build not one, but TWO £350,000 assets for your business

But that £100,000 income is only half the story. What if in those 100 days you could also build a business assetworth £350,000? And then a secondasset of the same value, without doubling the amount of work? That’s what you’ll do in Parts 6 and 7:  £700,000of business value, for your sole enjoyment. No cold calling. No Web scams. No get-rich-quick schemes. Just a calculated method, in ten easy-to-understand Parts of 1-2 weeks each, for making the most of your skills—whatever they are.


Desire – add the proof, make them visualise themselves with it


  • Present your credentials
  • Give social proof


Para 5

Purpose of paragraph:  to expand on how the book does it (25 years experience, chapters)

Yes, calculated. With checklists and targets to guide you each day. 100 Days, 100 Grandis the result of 25 years’ experience, 7,500 man-hours, 250 professional opinions, and critical study of over 1,000 sales campaigns that worked. That’s what it took to extract the precise set of actions a freelance professional needs to reach a six-figure income from a standing start. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Para 6

Purpose of paragraph: to show how £100k is just the start (avarice)

And if you’re not ready to stop at £100,000? The book isn’t single-use: there’s nothing to stop you doing it again. Want £200,000 a year? Half a million? Just repeat the 100 days*. It’ll be hard work, but high reward. And if hard work put you off, you wouldn’t be in the audience for this book.

Action – get them to do something NOW


  • Make your offer
  • Inject scarcity
  • Give a guarantee
  • Call to action
  • Give a warning



…into business assets worth £700,000 and an annual income of over £100,000


Para 7

Purpose of paragraph: demonstrate book is all you need

When you order 100 Days, 100 Grand, you get the complete course. That means no costs beyond the book itself—all information and instructions are included, in over 1,000 full-colour pages and 200+ checklists and charts. The only extras you need are a computer, Web connection, Excel and Word. (Or whatever spreadsheet and word processor you prefer.) The book shows you exactlyhow to make them work for you.

Para 8

Purpose of paragraph: make and justify the offer

A book this size costs a fortune to print—which, sadly, means no discounts on the £119.95 RRP. There is, however, a way to get 100 Days, 100 Grandright now for half price. Because it’s available as anebook. (And given the places many freelancers work—coffee shops, train stations, the kitchen table—you may even preferit to a large-format textbook weighing over a kilo.) The ebook version is expertly formatted to look great onanyscreen, from a black-and-white tablet to a high-spec laptop. In addition, you get free updates whenever improvements are released—something print-only customers don’t get.


It’s [date]. You could be earning £100,000 on [date]—if you want it enough. Download your personal copy of 100 Days, 100 Grand instantly at


  • Close with a reminder

* It doesn’t even take another 100; once you know the methods,  adding another £100,000 to your annual income might take as little as 30. But it all starts with the book. See summaries and success stories at your personal page: