Supercharge your freelancing, with the 100 Days Plus Pack

Be earning £100,000 doing what you love . . . 100 days from now!

This Book is not a must read, it’s a Must Do. Can’t wait to get started!”
– Amazon review from Mel, literary editor

The freelance life sounds brilliant, doesn’t it?

Working in your pyjamas, on a day that didn’t start ’til noon. Sneaking out for Yoga in the middle of the day. Joining a conference call from a sun-dappled beach, cocktail in hand.

It sounds great—and it is. (Take it from someone who’s been doing it 20 years.) But there’s a problem. While everyone can imagine it, not many are doing it.

Working for yourself is harder than most people think.

Across all sectors, the average UK freelancer bills just £18,500 a year. Some don’t make minimum wage. In fact, 95% earn £34,750/year or less—even working, on average, 54 hours a week!

(And remember that’s pre-tax, pre-expenses, pre-everything. Most actually take home much less. Doesn’t leave much left over for those relaxed breakfasts and tropical holidays, does it?)

In fact, look at the UK’s 5m freelancers as a whole, and you’ll find far too many of them are working their fingers to the bone, for far less than they deserve. That’s why many who go into the freelance life give up within a year—over 60%, to put in the numbers.

Yes, six in ten freelancers are soon wage slaves once more, letting their dreams of personal and financial freedom wither on the vine . . .

. . . but there’s some good news too. For every thousand who give up, going back to a cramped commute and a bad-tempered boss, there are a few who never look back—and who earn a great income practically from the start.

Life-changing stuff. Thanks for writing it!”
– Michael, UK

I’m not talking the average metropolitan salary of £33k. Or the £53k you need to get into the top 10% of UK earners. I’m talking a genuinely high income. £100,000 and above, the start of wealth. Thousands of freelancers are discovering their skills are more marketable than they thought—and taking practical steps to get paid what they’re worth. So:

Who are these top freelancers? Where are they? What do they do?

You might be surprised how diverse they are. They’re not just in “traditional” freelance sectors like the creative industries. In fact, in every area where indie professionals ply their trade—accountancy to zookeeping—you’ll find a few individuals earning far above average, getting six-figure incomes from what they do. And what’s more, it looks like they do it effortlessly.

These are the people getting the most from the freelance lifestyle: the six-figure freelancers. On this page I’ll show you how to join them.

You probably know a few already. They’re the ones who seem to take afternoons off every week. Or are always jetting off for romantic weekends in European capitals. There’s a reason for that.

A six-figure income lets you live the high life . . . without the hassle of employing people or “building a business”. Freelancing is the career choice that lets you control your calendar and choose your clients. And £100,000—a top 1% income in most parts of the world—is the income range that most closely coincides with what really matters: happiness.

(If you don’t believe me, check out the research. Studies have shown there’s something magical about that £100,000 figure. Once you get into that top percentile, doubling or tripling your income doesn’t add much more satisfaction to your life. Earning £100,000 makes you happy . . . but £500,000 won’t make you five times happier.)

These folk work hard, yes. But it’s also their mission to enjoy the indie life—doing great stuff, for people they like, with time left over for friends and family. It’s no secret these people love what they do—and the people they do it for love them back.

Imagine earning six figures, every year . . . without the hassle of a daily commute, demanding boss, or employment contract.

By contrast, think what you’d need to do to earn £100,000 as a salaried employee. Most people at that level have to do a lot of things that just aren’t much fun.

Do you really want to manage a team of squabbling juniors? Spend nights in the office away from family? Deal with the frustration of conflicting goals and office politics? That’s the lot of the high-earner in the corporate world. And they suffer higher rates of work-related stress because of it. (Work-related stress is the “silent killer” of modern times.)

So the question remains: how do the six-figure freelancers do it?

After all, they aren’t *better* than you. They’re not luckier, or smarter, or harder working. (I know this—because I’m not.) And they’re not all bankers, doctors, and lawyers. (I’m not one of those, either. I dropped out of school at 16.)

Screenshot 2019-03-16 at 10.44.25The difference with six-figure freelancers: they focus on finding the right market for what they do . . . and take the results to the bank. And with this special offer—the creation of a London freelancer who’s collected their methods into a set of practical actions anyone can use—you can too.

Three years in the making, the 100 Days Plus Pack is a work plan for top-1% freelancing . . . by someone who actually did it. Who studied the habits of the most successful indie professionals, worked out what made a difference, and wrote it all down. On the way, recovering from rock-bottom to top-1% freelancer himself.

If you’re doing freelance, or thinking about it, or coming back to it (!) then this book will be a bible for you.”
– Amazon review from Anthony, serial entrepreneur

100 Days, 100 Grand—the 1,200-page “secret weapon” at the heart of the Plus Pack—is not like other business books. It’s not a textbook, but a workbook, with actuals tasks and checklists to complete over a 100-day timeline. And the Plus Pack materials—available through this page only—add helpful detail to its proven methods, with wallcharts and journals that guide you through your 100-day odyssey. At a £100 discount to its usual price.

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If you’d prefer to learn more first, read on. With the contents of the Plus Pack—including extra wallcharts and crib sheets you can’t get anywhere except the order link on this page—you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your signature move worth £100,000+/year
  • Find 1,000 sales prospects—without cold calls
  • Create TWO £350,000 business assets in 100 days
  • Earn 3-6x more than the average freelancer
  • Win customers 10-20x faster than pro marketers
  • Turn 1 in 2 projects into monthly fees of £500-£2,750

(And yes, there’s a guarantee it’ll get you to £100,000. More on that later.)

Best of all, you’ll discover you don’t need superhuman skills to get to the top. That’s the little secret of earning six figures: anyone can do it. Let me share how I know that . . .

100 Days author Chris Worth

. . . I’m Chris Worth. I went freelance after a decade or so working for advertising agencies in six countries and 16 markets. Today, I live the freelance dream. I’ve worked in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Paris; I enjoy an exciting life in London and city breaks in Europe’s capitals. I’ve jumped out of planes a hundred times, scuba dived in Taiwan and Mexico, explored America coast-to-coast and Asia all over. I get to pick and choose who I work for, and I’ve qualified as an instructor in things I love.

Best of all, I manage this fun-packed life with very little. How little?

It runs to one daily list of To-Do’s . . . and one spreadsheet.

I work about six hours a day, four days a week, in two three-hour “shifts”. I start at 10AM and take a leisurely lunchbreak. I’ve always got time for a gym visit, and I finish in time for that cocktail on the balcony to start the evening.

(It also leaves plenty of time for learning new stuff—books and courses that add to my abilities. Which lets me charge even more for the work I do.)

What did it take to achieve this lifestyle? Next to nothing. I didn’t need investment capital. I don’t have an office. I don’t have an assistant. I work from my sofa with a view of the Thames, or the Member’s Rooms of beautiful museums and galleries. I work with companies in Europe, North America, and Asia, and enjoy great relationships with all of them.


And I do all this as a one-man business. No employees, no rents, no hassle.


Those years worrying about the ups and downs of freelancing are a distant memory—because I found a way to turn them all into ups. I’m about the happiest person you’ll ever meet. Because I know that if I hit a “bad year” again, I can get back on top, in a really short space of time.

And that’s what the methods I’m introducing to you today—in the 100 Days Plus Pack—are really all about. Yes, it’s about effective freelancing. Yes, it’s about working smarter. But the greatest effect it’ll have on your life is happiness.

As a six-figure freelancer, you’ll live a life true to yourself, free from stress, doing what you love every day. With the time and energy to do the stuff you’ve always wanted to do, and a positive sense of purpose.

First, let me introduce my journey into six-figure freelancing . . . so you can see how it might work for you.

Because life wasn’t always like this.

A few years back I hit a snag. Four years after leaving grad school (I’d taken a year out for an adult degree) everything was going brilliantly. I was busy, doing interesting work, for clients I liked . . . and who liked me back. (One even invited me to his company celebration—in Las Vegas!)

One year things went very wrong . . .

Then that client changed strategy, and didn’t need me any more. In the same month, a second went out of business. (Ouch!) Then the contract with a third came up for renewal . . . and they didn’t sign. In just three months, I went from the top of the heap . . . to the scrapheap.

My income that year went down by 80%. Eighty percent! Yup, four-fifths of my business up in smoke. I felt high and dry! It’d been so long since I’d marketed myself I’d practically forgotten how.

What I did have was time on my hands. (Plus a ticking clock showing me when my savings would run out.) And with a world-class MBA under my belt, I was pretty good at analysing things . . .

. . . so I started making notes.

What had I done right in the good years? What was I doing wrong now? In other words, what led to freelance success . . . and what was a waste of time?

It needed goals, sure. Like a £100,000-income goal. But goals aren’t much use without methods. How can a freelancer know what they can earn top dollar for? Who to sell their services to? How to find them?

Most of all, how do you keep it real? Making sure the people you work for are truly in tune with your own ethics and values—people you really want to work for, simply because you enjoy doing it?

And it led to a few surprises.

Slowly but surely, my pile of notes grew. (It reached 3,600 scraps of paper at one point!) And a Big Idea started coming together in my mind. Because I realised all those scribbled lists and diagrams had value beyond me.

These methods would work for any freelancer . . . if I could organise them into a proper work plan. Not a “tip sheet”, not a “self-help” book . . . but a set of practical actions in logical sequence. The kind of thing anyone could follow.

So the idea—I called it 100 Days, 100 Grand—became more than a personal exercise. It became a passion project to share with an audience.

That’s why, after three years plus writing down and testing out these methods, I’m making them available to people like you. Because I believe 100% of freelancers could be making £100,000+ a year, every year . . . if they just knew how.

I will be recommending it to all my freelancer clients as the ‘New (Marketing) Testament’.”
– Amazon review by Duncan, business owner

So what’s the secret that enables this six-figure lifestyle? It starts with the results of my passion project—a book. More precisely, a workbook. A beautifully illustrated and professionally produced volume called 100 Days, 100 Grand.

Here’s the story of how it happened—in less than three minutes.

100 Days, 100 Grand is a work plan for boosting your income into six figures.

100 Days, 100 Grand isn’t one of those inspirational tomes full of fluffy, dreamy ideas. It’s a numbered sequence of practical actions, with actual tasks and checklists to complete each day. A work plan that gets you to a £100,000 income, from a standing start, in just one hundred days.

Order your 100 Days Plus Pack at this secure link >>

(The offer includes a lot more than just the book, but the book is where it all starts.)

100 lessons in sequence turn the skills you have today . . .

In 100 short chapters—spread over 100 days—it builds all all the results and outcomes you need to establish yourself as a freelancer and attract clients paying you £100,000. The same actions top freelancers use to stand out from the pack and earn in the top 1% of indie professionals.

. . . into a six-figure income in 100 days’ time.

And that’s guaranteed. Complete the tasks in each daily chapter, make sure every checklist item is ticked, and you’ll be earning an annualised income of at least £100,000 when you reach Day 100. (See below for how the guarantee works.)

WAIT! Aren’t tasks and checklists hard work?

Yes. So if you want something for nothing, stop reading now.

Because there are no shortcuts to earning a top-tier income—and anyone who tells you otherwise is a charlatan. There’s real work involved—after all, you’re learning how to make best use of the talents you already have, and that takes effort!

But 100 Days, 100 Grand is less like a “training course” than you’d think.

1,180 pages in full colour

First, understand that everything in it comes from practical experience. I’m no academic; I wrote this workbook for people who work. 100 Days, 100 Grand combines learnings from my 20+ years in six countries and 16 markets, working with over 200 clients, on over 1,000 projects big and small. Everything that works, nothing that doesn’t.

Second, it’s tried and tested. There’s no whiz-bang innovation in 100 Days, 100 Grand. Yes, it brings the right techniques together in logical sequence, but the methods themselves aren’t rocket science. In fact, you’ll probably recognise many of them as you tick your way through the tasks and checklists.

Third (and don’t take my word for this—read quotes from actual readers below) 100 Days, 100 Grand is fun! The workbook (and the extras only available from this page—you’ll learn about them lower down) is a sumptuously produced super-book that people genuinely enjoy leafing through.

I’m just one guy with a laptop, but to make it happen I hired a team of experienced professionals and paid for expert typography and illustrations to make sure I did the ideas justice. (All out of my own pocket, btw. I said it was a passion project.)

A great handbook for anyone starting out as a freelancer”
– Amazon review by Alan, business studies lecturer

Check out some photos of the double-page A4 spreads inside . . .

You can see it’s not a dense technical text that makes your head spin. In fact, there are over 150 full-colour illustrations and photographs to help you along. All the chapters and paragraphs within them are numbered, so you can locate yourself easily even if you miss a day or two. (With plenty of space in the margins for scribbling your own notes!)

And of course, the content and actions are split into 100 easy-to-read chapters—one for each day of your journey to £100,000.

Now you know what it can do for you, let’s see how it actually gets you to your £100,000 income.

Or if you’re ready, order your Plus Pack now >>

A professional workbook in ten parts

Your path to £100,000 comes in 10 themed sections called “Parts”. (Each is colour-coded for easy reference.) Here’s a rundown of what each Part does—take a look at how they join together into the perfect 100-day programme for getting your freelancing into six figures.

Part 1: Keep it simple, by choosing the right tools

In Part 1, you’ll learn the basics. Seven days of learning how to get the best from freely available resources like websites, search engines, and office applications.

If you’re on a tight budget (most freelancers starting out are) you’ll first see how everything you need is free: all you need is a laptop and web connection. It’s a week-long section, of seven chapters—but since it deals with the basics, many people finish it in less than that.

(You might want to spend longer on Day 5, though. That’s the chapter that introduces dynamic content, the method you’ll use to talk to every prospective customer as if they were your only prospective customer. Some people buy the whole book just for that chapter.)

Part 2: Work out what pays, by defining an offer

Next up, Part 2 takes you into the core of what makes you “you”: defining what you can do for customers better than anybody else—your offer to the market.

It’s another seven-chapter section, but a fun one. In fact, it’s probably the most fun you’ll have in the whole course, because you’ll explore the most interesting subject in the world: you.

Using a tool called the Purposegram, over four days you’ll answer four Big Questions about what you love and do best, contrasted with what customers want and will pay for. (Day 8 introduces this colourful tool. Incidentally, this chapter was the hardest in the whole book to write!)

At the end of Part 2, you’ll have your signature move written down: the product or service that can earn you a six-figure income . . . and more, for as many years as you want.

Part 3: See who’ll pay, by finding your market

Part 3, another one-week section, takes a breather after the hard thinking of Part 2. It’s where you start looking for actual customers in the market for your product or service—and how to use websites like LinkedIn and Google to track them down.

(Do you know less than 1% of people using these sites know anything about the incredibly powerful commands, called operators, that can sort and sift vast volumes of information for precisely the results you want?)

Most freelancers moan they can’t find enough prospective customers for what they do. Part 3 gives you the tools to find hundreds of them. And then hundreds more. (Day 20 in Part 3 is a masterclass in solving the biggest problem for most freelancers: keeping a grip on your work when money’s coming in. Learning how to estimate your sales cycle stops all the up-and-downs later on.)

Part 4: Connect to customers, by building your network

Part 3’s about finding companies; Part 4 is about finding people within them—people you’ll later connect and converse with on the way to welcoming them as customers.

(Starting to see how 100 Days, 100 Grand works? It’s pretty simple really, just practical actions in logical sequence.)

No, there’s no “cold calling” or other annoying stuff. It’s about building the list of people best suited to benefit from your product or service (i.e. those with the most reason to engage you as a freelancer) and connect them together into your personal network . . .

. . . all without going to a single “networking event”. Day 24 has wise words about writing landing pages: web pages that attract prospective customers while you sleep. This page is one of them!

Part 5: Plan the List that’ll become a £350,000 business asset . . .

Part 5 is the heart of 100 Days, 100 Grand, because it’s where you start what’ll become one of your two £350,000 business assets by Day 100: your List. All the companies and people you found in Parts 3 and 4, and continue bringing in throughout your 100 days? They go on a list, of course—but Part 5 turns them into a List, capital ‘L’.

With a defined set of scores and notes (Day 29 sets the scene) you’ll add extra information to each name on your list, adding depth and detail to your growing network of prospective customers. It’s how you get to know prospective customers as people, not data.

This is the real “secret sauce” of 100 Days, 100 Grand, and it’s designed precisely for the strengths of a freelancer—namely, the ability to deliver personal, one-to-one service only a motivated individual like you can offer. (Don’t miss Day 27—it’s where you look at your work so far and decide the metrics you’ll judge your success by. Customers can lie, but numbers never do.)

Part 6: . . . and then create another £350,000 asset: your Letter

Part 6 adds another dimension to your freelance business plan—with another £350,000 business asset. (If you’re wondering where these £350,000 figures come from, relax—the workbook tells you.)

Sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, you’ll write a Letter customised for each and every one of your prospects . . . without having to write hundreds of separate letters. In fact, you’ll need only a few dozen sentences to appeal to millions!

This is the heart of the 100 Days, 100 Grand method: communicating one-on-one with hundreds of people. Explaining your offer in just the way that appeals to them. It’s called extreme personalisation, or XP.

Part 6 is a longer section—two weeks of tasks, or 14 chapters in total. But in these 14 short chapters you’ll discover the breathtaking reality of what the right words, in the ears of the right people, can achieve for you as a freelancer.

In fact, many people say Days 36 and 37 are the most valuable in the whole book—setting out the structure a successful sales communication needs. With step-by-step instructions for building the content that offers your skills to the best possible market for them.

Part 7: Kick off your £100,000 earnings, with a Campaign

Part 7 takes the value you created in Parts 2-6 and pushes it even further. It’s where you start your Campaign, introducing you and your offer to the first few prospects for your services. (By letter, by postcard, by email—take your pick. The workbook recommends the best route.)

It’s another two-week section, but the pace of Parts 5 and 6 lets up a bit—more repeated actions, fewer day-by-day revelations. Part 7 is more about preparing your emerging business process for a lifetime of six-figure freelancing, training the habits that’ll lead to a £100,000+ revenue stream, with no feast-and-famine swings between hard times and manic scrambles.

Part 8: Turning initial enquiries into paying projects

Paydirt time! Part 8 takes you away from lists and letters and looks outward to your first paid freelance projects—and you haven’t even finished your 100 days yet!

It’s about turning your prospects from Part 7 into real customers, paying you a fee for doing what you do best. It’s a two-week, 14-chapter section . . . and by the end of it you’ll have turned your first few tentative enquiries into real money.

Of course, this is where you start spending less time each day with the workbook . . . and more with the people who’ll soon be paying you £100,000. (It’s on Day 65 here that you’ll learn how to answer the “£100,000 Question”: what does success look like?)

Part 9: Gaining repeat business from initial projects

It’s revenue time! In Part 9—nearing the finish line now—you’ll build on the success of your first few projects by asking for followup projects.

Why? Because a customer who’s used your services once is the best bet for using you again. Repeat customers are the best way to succeed as a freelancer, as anyone in business will tell you.

(Many people find Days 85-88 particularly useful, because that’s where you learn how to ask for the referrals that expand your list of prospects—within their team, within their company, even among their contacts in other companies!)

It’s another two-week, 14-chapter section, because you’ll need time to complete that work in addition to your daily tasks. (Which, if you’ve reached Part 9 with all actions and checklists completed, are now only taking an hour or two each day.)

Part 10: Leveraging repeat business into retainers

Finally, in Part 10, it’s time to stay on target! Because with repeat customers on your roster, and more initial projects coming down the sales funnel, you’ve built up the head of steam any successful six-figure freelancer needs. So this section is about maintaining it as you go forwards into your profitable freelancing career.

In other words, it’s about retainer clients—freelancing’s Holy Grail. You’ll find here the right methods and models to care for each new customer in a way that brings more trust with every project, ending in the ultimate: the comfort and security of a year-long retainer agreement.

This last section is another single-week one, with two extra days at the end for review. Taking you to 100 days in total. (You won’t believe Day 100! “Fractional Reserve Freelancing” is such a powerful super-freelancing technique I’m surprised it’s legal.)

Of course, everyone enjoys reaching Day 100! But plenty say Day 92 is their favourite chapter in this section. It’s where you divide every proposal you make to a client into contract and non-contract work—avoiding that common freelancer scenario of “mission creep”, being asked to do work you hadn’t planned for. In six-figure freelancing, you get paid for everything you do.

(Just a note here: the workbook includes all the knowledge and skills you need to turn yourself into a six-figure freelancer. The only extras you need are a computer and web connection. The book shows you how to make them work for you—and assumes no prior knowledge.)

A definitive anthology of practical knowhow, thoroughly explained”
– Amazon review from Nick, programmer

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Setting you up for a lifetime of successful freelancing

So there it is—100 days, 100 chapters, in 10 Parts! A top-tier income is a big job—but any big job can be broken down into manageable chunks. And I’ve done that breaking down for you.

100 Days, 100 Grand partwork edition

The complete workbook and sections

So here’s a commitment from me: if you’ve done all the tasks each day, I guarantee you’ll be earning a £100,000 income after Day 100, from a roster of clients you love working with.


The most important lesson: six-figure freelancing is just a numbers game. Approach the right people, in the right way, and you’ll have all the customers you could ever want.


And once you’ve completed those 100 days of tasks and exercises, you’ll end your 100-day journey with two much bigger things. Business assets worth £700,000 (yes, that’s no misprint) on the “balance sheet” of your freelancing life. In addition to that annual income stream of £100,000+ for the thing you do best.

Plus over 100 pages of bonus material

You can stop there if you like—you’ll deserve it by then, believe me! But when you’re ready, after Part 10 you’ll see some extras. A total of 12 Appendices go into the 100 Days methods in more depth.

What’s in these Appendices? Tips and tricks on how to keep yourself in “the freelancing mindset” of continual learning and ongoing professional development; two fun techniques for learning more and learning faster (the 1% Principle and the One Page Principle). There’s also a Bibliography of over 60 terrific books and resources that can hone your skills even more.

  • See how the market divides into five distinct levels of activity
  • Understand the forces and factors that drive business behaviour
  • See how a few simple parts make up all of economics
  • Learn the human motivations that drive all decisionmaking . . .
  • . . . and the attitudes successful freelancers adopt

These 100+ pages of extras keep most people motivated long after they’ve finished their 100 days!

For instance, have you heard of flow, the state of mind where you do your best thinking?

Or PESTLE, a great way to “scan and score” large numbers of companies in your market so you know you’re approaching the ones that are right for you?

Or the value chain inside companies that illustrates how they turn inputs into outputs, showing you where your product or service fits in?

You’ll find copious notes on these—and more—in the bonus sections at the back of the book. But as you’ll see shortly, there’s even more on offer when you buy direct from this page. Keep reading . . .

Only if you order from this page: the 100 Days Plus Pack

. . . the 1,200-page 100 Days, 100 Grand workbook, in large-format A4 size with over 150 full-colour illustrations, is the same one you’ll find on Amazon and in bookstores. (It’s ISBN 978-9927470-4-6 if you want to buy the book on its own.) But my first 350 readers gave me a lot of ideas for expanding the offer. So when you order from this page, you’ll also enjoy these extras . . .

A colour wallchart for every section

First, the package contains 10 full-colour wallcharts to stick to your fridge as you work through the sections—one for each Part of the book. Why? Because readers said they liked planning ahead, and seeing what the next day or week would cover without having to flip back and forth through the book itself. Well, they won!

This set of A3 posters summarises every section, in a format that’s compact enough for the fridge door yet big enough to read from a distance. Whenever you raid the fridge, you’ll be reminded of how far you’ve come in your 100 day journey . . . and how soon you could be earning that six-figure income.

Plans of your two £350,000 business assets

In Parts 5 and 6, you kick off two business assets: your List and Letter. The step-by-step instructions in 100 Days, 100 Grand lead to this complete “marketing system”, but again, readers said they wanted examples of these documents as pull-outs, rather than having to refer to the book all the time.

Well, their wish is my command. So crib sheets of both your List spreadsheet and Letter document are included in the Plus Pack, too!

Templates for Day 8’s career-defining tool . . .

The Purposegram in Part 2 is perhaps the key diagram of the whole book, so I’ve included that as another full-colour poster in the Plus Pack . . .

. . . but it’s not just a copy of what’s on page 166. It’s a template for the actions you’ll complete in Part 2. With blanks to fill in, so you don’t have to draw anything yourself!

Most people find Part 2 the most fun section of the workbook. Best of all, with this poster all you need to find your purpose—the freelance offer that combines what you do best with what the market wants—is a pencil!

. . . a journal to track your progress . . .

The 100 Days Journal

The 100 Days Journal

Many people like making notes as they work through the book. But if you don’t want to get your workbook covered in ink, the 100 Days Plus Pack includes another bonus—a journal so you can note your progress, with two A4 pages per chapter to scribble on. Once again, you can only get this cool 244-page notebook in your Plus Pack if you order from this page.

(The journal’s not just blank pages. Each chapter and section are annotated with the same summary tables you’ll find in the main workbook, with all the running totals of your targets and goals and the most important diagrams.)

. . . a primer you can read in 20 minutes . . .

How to do Freelancing

A short primer

The scope of 100 Days, 100 Grand can seem overwhelming at first. So by popular demand your Plus Pack contains another bonus book: a pocket-sized 48-page primer called How to do Freelancing.

Just 5,000 words long, it summarises all the key principles you’ll use in your 100-day journey to freelance success – plus some simple exercises that’ll get you excited to start the main workbook!

Defining your USP, why “personal branding” is a sham, why your ultimate goal of retainer agreements matters so much . . . all the basics are here. People say it takes just twenty minutes to read . . . but inspires them for their whole 100-day work plan!

. . . (and a note of thanks from the author)

By the way, every 100 Days, 100 Grand Plus Pack is personally signed by the author. (That’s me!) Not much in itself, but hey, doesn’t everyone like the thought of getting a unique autographed copy?

So that’s the 100 Days, 100 Grand Plus Pack. The Pack is only available in print format, not digital, because I wanted it to be a system that people can scribble in, add tabs to pages, make their own. Because that’s how I believe people learn best. And with the Plus Pack’s bonus extras, you’ll have all the templates and wallcharts to smooth your route to a £100,000+ income . . . and keep earning that income for the rest of your working life.

Plus membership of a private web community

In addition, beyond the Plus Pack itself, you’ll be invited to join a private social media group where you can ask questions and discuss your 100-day journey with likeminded freelance professionals. You’re not alone on this journey—I’m there with you.

And if you want more than £100,000? Just do a second round of the book when you’re up and running as a £100,000 freelancer. The methods are additive: if you want £200,000 a year, build on your base with another playthrough. It’ll be hard work—but if you’re still reading, you’re not afraid of that.

And now, a caveat . . .

Who shouldn’t buy 100 Days, 100 Grand?

. . . I worked hard to make 100 Days, 100 Grand the best it could be. But that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. So first, a warning.

The method ISN’T for anyone looking for an easy fix, a miracle cure, or a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s about working through a series of concrete actions, in logical sequence, towards a set goal. Actions that, when complete, lead to a £100,000+ annual income from doing the thing you do best. (Whatever that thing is.)

So if you prefer the security of a daily commute and a carriage clock in 30 years, stay where you are. I’m not going to stop you.

Yes, 100 Days, 100 Grand asks you to do actual work. There are tasks to perform and checklists to complete . . . and you’ll need to finish each day before moving onto the next. Creating a £100,000 revenue stream takes work, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. (Remember there’s no cold calling, though. Cold calling sucks.)

But while it involves real work, there’s no rocket science here. Because I’m not a rocket scientist. I dropped out of school at 16. I’ve been a lowly import clerk, a penniless backpacker, a scruffy English teacher. I’m not “special”, and you don’t need to be, either.

Professional freelancing the 100 Days way doesn’t need a PhD in cleverology. (Although it helps if you attended the University of Life.)

So if you do take the journey I’ve mapped out for you . . . the journey that made me my “best self” and gave me the life I’d always wanted . . . you can expect your six-figure income (and that’s just the start!) to start showing up in your bank account in a little more than three months. For most people, that’s an outcome worth working for.

After all, the average person isn’t a lazy bum who expects something for nothing. And the average freelancer certainly isn’t.

So now you know it’ll take some work. What doesn’t it need?

What you don’t need to start your £100,000+ journey

Well, it doesn’t need fistfuls of cash. 99% of the costs involved are simply your own blood, sweat, and tears. (Melodramatic, but remember, I’m not promising something for nothing like most “success schemes”.)

It doesn’t need ”knowledge”. Everything you need is in the workbook’s 1,200 full-colour pages. (Plus the extra bits you’ll get when you order direct from the author, on this page.)

And it doesn’t need “experience”. The 100 Days method works on the principle that every motivated adult is good at something already—you’ve just got to discover what it is for yourself, then define it in a way that customers will pay for. It really is that simple.

But don’t take it from me. Look at the reviews from actual readers:

“A great handbook for anyone starting out as a freelancer”
– Alan, business studies lecturer

“I will be recommending it to all my freelancer clients as the ‘New (Marketing) Testament’.”
– Duncan, business owner

“Definitely, a five-star read from me.”
– Tom, freelance editor

“This Book is not a must read, it’s a Must Do. Can’t wait to get started!”
– Mel, literary editor

“I am dumbfounded by the scope of this book.”
– Michael, UK

“If you’re doing freelance, or thinking about it, or coming back to it (!) then this book will be a bible for you.”
– Anthony, serial entrepreneur

“A definitive anthology of practical knowhow, thoroughly explained”
– Nick, programmer

“I’m just really excited by this book, it’s absolutely fantastic, wish I found it sooner!”
Matt, UK

“Life-changing stuff. Thanks for writing it!”
– Michael, UK

That’s the 100 Days, 100 Grand Plus Pack.

100 Days, 100 Grand is the result of over 250 professional opinions, 1,000 real-world projects, and 3,000+ hours of creating and organising. In short: it’s everything that works, and nothing that doesn’t. (The reason it took me so long to produce? It kept me busy with my own six-figure freelancing—the methods won me new clients as I tested them!)

But after decades as a freelancer, I’m now focussing more on my broader audience—people like me, who’d like to earn an income that truly rewards their talents. Will you be one of them?

There are at least 650,000 people in the UK capable of earning £100,000+ from the skills and abilities they have now.

If you’ve read this far, you’re one of them.

The methods and models in 100 Days, 100 Grand work. I know this because I use them myself, and over 350 people like you are using them too. So if you’re hesitating, get this:

I’m so sure 100 Days, 100 Grand will work for you, I’m offering a guarantee.

All over the world, people like you are experiencing the freelance dream: living life on their own terms, setting their own schedules, and accountable to no-one except the clients they choose to work with.

Definitely, a five-star read from me.”
– Amazon review from Tom, freelance editor

But I understand you haven’t seen the Plus Pack for yourself yet. So if you’re still unsure, here’s something to seal the deal: a conditional money-back guarantee.

Yes, your £100,000 freelance income is GUARANTEED.

If you work through the book and it doesn’t deliver that top-tier income, get in touch with me using the contact details you’ll find in your Plus Pack, anytime up to a year after purchase. I’ll ask to see two of your outputs (your List and Letter) and, as long as you’ve followed the tasks and checklists, I’ll refund your payment without quibbles. In full.

(You even get to keep the whole Plus Pack! After all, it’s signed with a message to you. I can’t exactly sell it to anyone else.)

100 Days box set

Buy as a single large workbook, or a 12-book partwork (same content)

Why would I guarantee your future income with an offer like this? Because I want you to become a successful freelancer with this treasure trove of methods. Your success doesn’t take anything away from mine. In fact, it adds to it. The global economy is so vast, so deep, so full of opportunities, that even if every freelancer in the UK earned a hundred grand, it wouldn’t make a dent in my market.

I am dumbfounded by the scope of this book.”
– Michael, UK

If you’ve read this far, that should be all the assurance you need. But there’s even more: a £100 discount if you order now from this page.

The Plus Pack retails for £249.95. But order direct from the author, and you’ll get £100 off!*

Order from this page, and your Plus Pack will cost just £149.95, a £100 discount from RRP. How can I do this? Because bookstores demand a 55% cut of the retail price to stock the Plus Pack bundle, and that’s without taking printing and distribution costs into account. Selling direct from this page lets me pass on the savings to you.

Buy direct from the link right below, and the 100 Days Plus Pack—including the workbook, journal, primer, wallcharts, and crib sheets—will cost you just £149.95. (With FREE shipping if you’re in the UK.) So . . .

. . . are you ready to earn £100,000 freelancing?

Just click the secure link and order your Plus Pack now.

Credit card payments are secure, and shipping is FREE in the UK. Your 100 Days Plus Pack will be personally signed and securely packaged, needing a signature on delivery. Once dispatched, I’ll email you a Tracking Number so you can see how soon you’ll be earning six figures. Thanks!

I’m just really excited by this book, it’s absolutely fantastic, wish I found it sooner!”
Matt, UK

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