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Written in just 48 hours, “How to do freelancing” is a short (48-page) primer for the 100-day course on earning a £100,000 income, 100 Days, 100 Grand. And it’s free! Download the PDF.

“How to do freelancing” covers all the basics of successful indie working, in a tiny 48-page booklet. Taking you from creating a USP, to building lists, writing sales letters, and aiming for the Holy Grail of a retainer contract, it never forgets the most important question of all: WHY. It’s a riotous shout-out for the joys of the gig economy.

Why most marketers are bullshit artists. Why you should make your ideas have sex. The Four Big Questions, the Five Whys method, the secret of all business, and why the best marketing techniques are centuries old. Also: why your website is the least important part of your business, value-based pricing is a joke, and personal branding is useless. Introducing the most important concepts from the 100 Days, 100 Grand book, “How to do freelancing” is where author Chris Worth takes some of modern marketing’s most sacred cows – and slaughters them.

This FREE book is the essential taster for any freelancer considering 100 Days, 100 Grand. Read it and enjoy.

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