I’m seeking a sales partner for my 100-day course on effective freelancing 100 Days, 100 Grand. The marketing biz is full of complex briefs, and I don’t enjoy reading them any more than you do. So I’m keeping this one really, really simple. Here it is.

BRIEF: For each sale you drive through this link, I’ll pay you £32.

That’s all. You decide how to persuade the purchaser, and I handle the rest: payments, shipping, aftersales. Kickoff budget is £30,000 and budget over three years another £1m, subject to sales targets being met.

£30,000, of course, is one of those funny numbers – too small for a big agency, too big for a one-man-band – so you’ll probably be a tech-savvy smaller shop or SEO/PPC expert who knows direct sales. Experience in list management wouldn’t hurt either.

Intrigued? Let’s put in some numbers.

What’s the product?

It’s a guide to earning an annual income of £100,000 as a freelancer, sequenced as a 100-day “course” with day-by-day instructions and tasks. In other words, it increases the income of a typical freelancer 3-6x … if they put in the effort. Watch this video for an introduction.

It’s based on my own trials and errors attracting and retaining clients as a freelance writer, with the methods generalised for any freelance activity. It uses my 20+ years of business experience (including a top-name b-school) to bring together a range of tried and tested strategies known to work. (Nothing new under the sun).

It assumes no expert knowledge of the reader, and is written for a reading age of 14. i.e. you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand it. (Anyway, rocket scientists typically earn £100,000 already.)

Professionally designed and illustrated in full colour, it’s also a fair-sized thump on the desk, weighing in at 1,200 pages. Development took around 3,000 hours of work and a five-figure sum from my own pocket paying illustrators and designers. So there’s a fair bit of value wrapped up in it.

The version I’m asking you to sell is a personally autographed copy of the complete workbook with some extra perks – access to the author for email help, and coaching through a members-only social media group to be set up. (In other words, a reason to buy direct rather than from Amazon or bookstores.) The RRP is £119.95.

Why is it so expensive?

Ever done small-run publishing in full colour?

What’s the sales target?

32,400 copies over three years. (In other words, a £1m-plus gross for the right partner.) Interested partners need to commit to a minimum 600 sales in the first three months and can cancel with one month’s notice.

The sole metric is number of sales through the Order securely now link on this page. (Sales through Amazon or bookstores won’t count.) Bulk orders work too: if you sell 100 copies to one organisation, that counts as 100 sales. (And the delivery truck’s on me.)

Who’s the audience?

Freelancers, the self-employed, and other indie professionals, in all sectors. Basically anyone in the gig economy who’d like to earn a lot more than the average Joe or Jane.

There are 6m or so of these people in the UK, and realistically 2-3m in our audience. For legal reasons, it’s also likely they need to be approached as businesses, not names in a phone book. (Damn GDPR.)

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Sort of. If, having completed all the workbook’s actions and outputs, the freelancer doesn’t have a roster of clients paying £8,350/month (an annualised £100,000) they can ask me to review the two outputs the book instructs them to produce. (An Excel spreadsheet and a Word document.) If they’ve done all the work but haven’t got the results, I’ll refund their £119.95 in full. They don’t even have to return the book.

Can we have some sample copies?

Of course, but let’s talk and meet first. Remember I’m appointing a single agency here, and all sales through that link will be credited to that single agency, whether you made them or not. In other words, you’ll be a full partner, with full access to all sales information.

What’s the catch?

Payment is for outcomes, not promises. Repeat: payment is for outcomes, not promises. It’s a straightforward commission sale arrangement. That means human resources, media spend, and whatever else you need to drive a sale come at your cost.

The backup

So far, the book’s sold around 200 copies across all editions. Not bad for the initial run of a self-published effort with next to no marketing. Those 200 have also led to over 100 pages of corrections, changes, and bits of feedback, which I’m currently applying to improve it for a second edition.

That second edition comes out soon (Q4 2018) and I’m looking to start the sales effort as soon as possible after that. If you’re up for an initial chat, contact me today with “agency brief” in the Subject line. Thanks!