100 Days, 100 Grand started as one man’s dream: to give freelancers an instruction manual for boosting their income into six figures. With completion now in sight, that dream is on Kickstarter from Nov 1 – Nov 30! Here’s the launch video. (Turn your sound up, there’s a rockin’ audio track.)

As a self-publishing project designed to share a creative work with others, 100 Days, 100 Grand was always ripe for crowdfunding – and success will let author Chris Worth spend the whole of next year bringing the book to a broader audience, adding web resources, and producing editions for different regions in £, $, and €.

The goal? To get a thousand people supporting the project at £120 or above. You can of course pledge less. (Or more.) But the reward for support at that level will be a copy of the book itself from the first print run … individually signed and numbered. So if you were planning to buy the book anyway, you’ve got nothing to lose. (Of course, if the campaign doesn’t hit its target, your card won’t be debited, so you win either way.)

So why not pledge your support right now, at the sweet-spot £120 level the book costs anyway?


Here’s the campaign page. Watch the video and read the details, and when you’re ready click “Back this project”. I look forward to having you as a backer. Thanks!